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Here, you will learn how to make a complete diagnostic of every organ in your body and find the earliest signs of any diseases thanks to the unique equipment - Metatron Oberon.


What is Metatron Oberon and Oberon Diagnostic?

Metatron Oberon

Metatron Oberon has been developed by the scientists of the Institute of Practical Psychophysics* in Russia. It is an unique equipment which is able to examine and diagnose every organ and tissue of your body absolutely harmless and painless. Until recently, this equipment has been used only in the aerospace medicine. Today, Metatron Oberon can be used with no restrictions.

Metatron Oberon Diagnostic is done by monitoring the activity of brain neurons. As is known, the brain collects and stores information about cells, tissues and internal organs of our body. Using telemetry data processing and with the help of so-called NLS – non-linear analysis system** the Metatron equipment provides virtual presentation of the human organs with 80% accuracy. Thanks to its functionality the equipment allows:

  • An overall assessment of the human organism;
  • Diagnose diseases at earliest stages;
  • Recognize different types of allergies, bacteria and parasites;
  • Monitor and analyze the influence of a food, vitamins and medications over the human body;
  • Determine the level of the immune system;


Diagnosis Oberon has many advantages, some of which are:

  • Quick – it takes no more than 60 minutes for a complete examination of a human body;
  • Painless – while every organ in your body is examined and diagnosed, you will feel absolutely nothing;
  • Harmless – the study does not hide any danger to human beings;
  • Inexpensive – NLS non-linear diagnostics is much cheaper method for examining a human body than any other you've ever tried;
  • Reliable - the Oberon equipment is much more reliable than any other known to date equipment for diagnosing the human body. Let's consider the follow groups of diseases:

Disease groups
Metatron Oberon
Ultrasonic Scanner
Computer Tumography
Nuclear magnetic resonance
Gastroenterology 74-86% 24-28% 19-23% 30-34%
Pulmonology 65-72% 9-14% 10-13% 23-31%
Gynecology 78-82% 16-18% 14-16% 21-25%
Endocrinology 52-65% 7-9% 11-14% 13-16%
Oncology 38-42% 6-8% 12-16% 18-23%


There are 4 models Metatron Oberon differentiated by the version of the software and eventually by accuracy of the examination. We at Oberon-bg.com, provide you with Metatron Oberon 4011 (review certificates here). The Oberon 4011 equipments provides up to 90% accuracy of the analysis of the examined organs and the tracking of the influence of food or medial treatment. Thanks to, the software used together with Oberon 4011 - Methapathia 3***, we can identify some of the following diseases in earliest stage:

  • Oncology;
  • Bones;
  • Gynecology,
  • Kidney;
  • Lungs;




* You can learn more about the Institute of Practical Psychophysics* in Russia here.


** It is considered to be the most advanced and incomparable with other medical equipment. Is a spectral analysis of electromagnetic field on biological objects. Non-linear diagnostics (NLS), gives full information about the health of the patient and observes the first signs of mutations in the organs and tissues.


*** Significantly improved compared with other versions.