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How is Metatron Oberon Diagnostic Performed


No preparation is required to undergo Metatron "Oberon" diagnostic. The only thing needed is to spend an hour (60 minutes) of your time and visit us (see where). We will ask you to put the headphones on, which are part of Metatron "Oberon" equipment, and allow us to proceed with the examination.

Each organ and tissue of the examined body is treated in several ways:


1. On Energy Level - where the energetic status of individual sections of the examined organs is considered;

This is the initial view presented by the Oberon apparatus after the measurement is completed. Such view is composed of two levels: the first level presents the examined organ or tissue, the second - a series of spatially distributed dipoles presenting the individual energetic level within the examined part. So, on the computer screen appear the following images, each of which gives its unique explanation:


Latent, sub-optimally regulated physiological level;


Optimally regulated physiological level;


Regular changes in the physiological system;


Highly modified state on a regulation system;


Compensated dysfunction of adaptive mechanisms;


Decompensation of adaptive mechanisms, distinct pathology.


2. Through spectrum of equilibrium - A spectrum of equilibrium is provided together with every image on energy level. It represents the level of the signal measured during the examination.


3. Through spectrum of entropy - it represents the level of disease measured from 1 to 5.


4. By non-linear analysis system - it provides most accurate analysis of the phase of any developing processes and diseases.


The examined body is compared with such of a perfect human being of the same sex and age given by the Oberon equipment.





In short, the Oberon diagnostic helps you to identify:

  • Functional status of the examined organism;
  • Primary functional disorders and their locations;
  • Pathology and its nature;
  • Adaptive ability of the body;
  • Efficiency of a particular medical treatment as well as food benefits.


Oberon Diagnostic results will be carefully examined by our doctors. They will explain the dangerous and risky areas in your body and will refer you to a narrow specialist for more detailed examination and treatment.